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      Brand Story

      As entrepreneurs and engineers with a passion for the Internet of Things, or IoT, we love the concept of smart home automation.

      For the average person, smart home technology has the promise of making things a lot easier, safer, and more customizable for us all. Done right, it gives homeowners the opportunity to incorporate high-tech into their day-to-day.


      Go Smart Blinds is a Canadian-based start-up company focusing on innovation in the field of smart home automation, without compromising on affordability or quality. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and premium materials, in order to provide homeowners worldwide the chance of incorporating amazing high-tech features into their everyday life. Our customers’ satisfaction is always our primary concern, so you can rest assured we have got you covered should you encounter any issues with your purchase!

      We now partner up with Neo Smart Blinds to offer direct-to-customer app-controlled motorized blinds, shades, and curtains, managed through the official Go Smart Blinds app or an existing smart home system and with everything included. It’s never been easier or more affordable to buy motorized blinds for your home or office.

      As Go Smart Blinds continue to grow our business across Canada and the United States, it is our hope to continue making custom motorized blinds, shades, and curtains accessible to the everyday shopper.

      Our Core Values

      1. Affordability. High-quality smart home custom blinds, shades, and curtains that aren’t overpriced.

      2. Customer-Centric. Go Smart Blinds makes thousands of happy customers every year and that’s because we prioritize those who shop with us. From making custom cuts to minimizing the wait time for delivery as best as we can, we work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied at every step of the way.

      3. High Quality, Long-lasting Performance. Enjoy premium design and expert workmanship that is unparalleled in the industry.

      4. Simple and Convenient. Automate your blinds to work on a schedule, controlled via smartphone or smart home system, such as Alexa, Google Home, and others. If you already have a smart home setup, integrating Go Smart Blinds can be done with the Neo Smart Controller hub. If you do not, downloading our app is easy to use and straightforward in its setup.

      5. Energy Efficient. Eco-friendliness is very important to us. In this day and age, we see no necessity in having motorized blinds require electricity. Go Smart Blinds are battery-powered, solar-powered, and rechargeable helping reduce your overall household energy usage and never taking more energy than what’s needed to keep your smart home active.

      Company Mission

      As a company, it is Go Smart Blinds’ mission to keep motorized smart blinds, shades, or curtains affordable and accessible.

      IoT blinds, smart shades, and motorized curtains shouldn’t be solely for the 1%. Go Smart Blinds provides everyone with the chance to add this feature to their interior design and home style. Revolutionizing the blinds industry, all of our products are built well with quality materials and are already equipped with a motor. All you have to do is install your set of custom blinds, shades, or curtains at your window and download the app. You are good to go.

      Company Vision

      For anyone considering buying custom motorized blinds, Go Smart Blinds wants to make it their reality. It’s our long-term vision to have our products in the home of every smart home in North America. 

      Go Smart Blinds wants to make it so that any and every homeowner can go online and buy customized motorized window coverings in line with their existing home décor and interior design. From the online eCommerce purchase to using the app on an ongoing basis, Go Smart Blinds makes it easy.

      Our Products

      Go Smart Blinds sells exclusively motorized products which differentiates us from similar blind companies. Here are a few of the most popular products available from Go Smart Blinds.

      1. Zebra Blinds are an alternative to horizontal blinds. These roller shades are adjustable so that the stripes line up offering privacy, light control, and insulation, maximizing aesthetic and function.

      2. Roller Shades. Roller shades are ideal when you want to eliminate outside light from space. Filter light out and darken the room, helping control temperature, climate, and comfort.

      3. Shangri-La Shades. Shangri-La shades are horizontal shades, providing a whole new elegant way to dress up a room and filter out light. When Shangri-La shades are open, natural light can easily make its way in. When they’re closed, it’s like having a set of covered drapes in terms of privacy and functionality.

      4. Curtain Track System. A smart curtain track system provides all you need to install your favourite set of curtains and have been operated like any other motorized set. The configuration of a smart curtain track system includes all hardware to easy slide and glide curtains that are hooked in.

          To shop Go Smart Blinds products, a customer can either place a custom order with the specifications they have in mind or select from pre-cut sizes.


          The quality of Go Smart Blinds products is extremely important to our brand, just like it is to our customers. That’s why we use the best materials available at all times. The high standard of workmanship invested in the design and manufacturing of each product is also on par with the absolute best in the industry.

          All motors include a standard 3-year limited warranty or an optional 5-year limited warranty upgrade.

          Where To Buy Go Smart Products

          Shop Go Smart Products today at,, or directly through