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      Top Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds

      A set of motorized blinds are a great addition to windows that are out-of-reach or if you are searching for a way to increase the appeal of your home. An upscale smart home-friendly addition, a smart curtain or motorized window blinds allow you to control the light and privacy inside your home with a remote control as opposed to doing it manually. Here are some of the top benefits of motorized window blinds to look forward to.

      What Are Motorized Window Blinds?

      A set of motorized window blinds are built like a regular set of blinds. Numerous shades are clustered together and operated in unison. While you would normally operate a manual mechanism to move the blinds up or down, these are equipped with a power source and a manner of smart home communication that allows you to adjust their height via smartphone remote control or by integrating your automatic blinds into an existing smart home system.

      Benefits of Motorized Blinds & Shades

      You will notice that motorized blinds look like any other regular blinds except they have several advantages.

      1. Motorized blinds work in any home and through brands like GoSmart Blinds can be customized to match the exact dimensions that you are looking for.
      2. They’re a major time-saver when it comes to getting the look of your blinds or curtains just right. No more fussing trying to get the exact angle you want.
      3. They work extremely well on large windows where opening blinds or shades can be sometimes challenging due to the weight of the individual shades and/or the effort involved.
      4. Program your motorized blinds and shades to open or close on a schedule. This helps regulate the rhythm of your day, maximizing privacy and helping with sleep. Imagine waking up to natural sunlight instead of an alarm clock. With a set of motorized blinds, it’s possible.
      5. They are eco-friendly, using solar power as opposed to being plugged into the wall. This saves on utility bills and ensures you aren’t increasing your carbon footprint by adding another smart home accessory into your environment.

      Here are some more benefits to electric motorized blinds, shades, and curtains to consider.

      Better Security

      Motorized blinds are cordless, unlike other blinds that pose a risk to young children and pets. There’s no way to entangle one’s self accidentally in a set of motorized blinds or an electric curtain. Every year, there are more than 600 visits to the emergency room from young children who’ve experienced an injury relating to window blinds. You don’t face this risk with cordless motorized blinds.

      Durable V. Traditional Curtains

      Think of all the difficulty you’ve had manually pulling blinds and curtains up, over, and down through the years.

      1. They raise unevenly.
      2. They get stuck.
      3. You may have to try several times to get blinds to work properly.
      4. Your window may be in a place that’s uncomfortable to reach.

      All of these issues are solved with motorized window blinds that only go up as far as they’re needed. They are controlled by a motor, meaning that errors from human operation are non-existent. 

      Automation For Your Smart Home

      Motorized window blinds are another advancement in smart home technology and home automation. If you already have a smart home system set up, you can very easily integrate motorized blinds in with them. Being able to control everything from your smartphone makes it simple to add this impressive luxury feature into your home. If you don’t already have a smart home setup, of course, using the official GoSmart Blinds app will get the job done for you.

      Remote Control

      A remote control means you do not need to adjust your blinds by hand. If you have a specific setting in mind for how you want your blinds to look, you can control them remotely no matter where the windows are. This is a great feature for those who have limited mobility or windows dangerously placed in areas where there’s a risk in accessing them. With a touch of a button, adjusting the blinds is easy.

      Enhance Privacy

      An electric window curtain or motorized blinds optimize light control and privacy without the potential for human error. So long as you continue operating them remotely, you are unlikely to encounter common blinds issues such as unevenly raised blinds or stuck shades. The design of motorized blinds is optimized to minimize this risk and ensure the motor, equipped with solar-powered technology, keeps working indefinitely.

      Set Up Different Ambiance

      Natural light from the sun is a powerful element in home décor and interior design. It energizes. It invigorates. An electric window covering provides you with a way to better control the natural light you have. Filter the light in and create a more relaxing room by dimming the sun if you will. Help set the mood with the touch of a button, a flick of the switch, or the roll of your thumb in a smart home app.

      Higher Selling Value

      Motorized window blinds add to the selling value of your home. They can take a bland-looking property and make it into something special, with an upgrade in general aesthetic and curb appeal. They improve the functionality of your home and will put it above others that aren’t equipped with the same home automation features. For homebuyers, this sort of smart home features is very attractive.

      Shop the best smart curtains in North America through GoSmart Blinds, directly on or via Amazon. Enjoy a 3-year warranty on all motorized blinds and electric window curtains sold via GoSmartBlinds, with fast, free shipping.