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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      The Deck
      The rare 5th Star

      First, I rarely give 5 stars because the 5th star is reserved for vendors that go above and beyond in customer service. Go Smart Blinds is definitely a vendor that earned the 5th star and on the plus side, they are a Canadian Company. The story about going above and beyond, I had previously ordered 2 curtain rods of the battery versions. I ordered a third rod and mistakenly ordered a plugin model. I received an email to check on my order preferences, asking for confirmation in 24 hours, well I was late replying by several hours and my order was being processed as ordered. To make a long story short the Go Smart Blinds team dug through the items being shipped that day and the plugin model was retrieved and replaced with the wireless.

      Thank you to the Rock Stars at Go Smart Blinds.

      Product review

      When my first curtain arrived it was well-packed with no rattling parts in the box, the remaining 2 curtain rods arrived in the same condition.

      I was impressed with the sturdy build and feel as I unboxed each curtain rod. The parts checked off with no missing bits and pieces.

      These rods are ceiling mounted so remember to order the wall brackets if you need them. The install is straight forward and you only need a second pair of hands to get the mounting position marked and the two ends are up on the ceiling or wall.

      The Go Smart Blinds are so easy to install that even I could do it, without the help of the kid next door. The app is just as easy to get up and running. Beginning to end in under an hour for the first one and the last 2 in under 45 minutes.

      Operation is smooth and quiet, but it does freak out some dogs (our big dog jumps at his own shadow) so a slow and easy introduction would be in order.

      Rock on, you Rock Stars. 👍

      Great smart curtain track

      Easy setup and the curtain track has many automations to chose from. So far I'm happy with this product.


      Best product for smart home

      Awesome curtain rods

      They work great way better then my other motorized ones I would recommend to anyone thats purchase theses rods

      Jorge Figueiras
      Perfect for what I was looking to do!

      After setting up my google home and smart lights, I decided to look into smart curtains to add more automation to my early mornings and evenings. I first tried another product from eBay and was horribly disappointed.
      Then, I came across the Go Smart Motorized Curtains kit and decided to give it a try. After all, amazon's return policy is really hassle free.
      Boy was I amazed by the quality and ease to set everything up. It took me about 50 minutes to do it( I am fairly handy with other things)

      +The quality of the materials is excellent, no cheap components and it looks like the motors will last quite a long time. Cheap motors just sound different.
      +The app is actually available on the app store/Play store unlike some cheap knockoffs I've tried
      +The app is in english! (yes... the last one I tried was only in Chinese...) and very intuitive/easy to use

      Cons: (not really that bad honestly)
      -The instructions could be a little more clear for people that are not used to installing these types of products. Perhaps making a 3-5 minute Youtube video with the key instruction steps would be ideal.
      -The drywall anchors get the job done but I'd consider getting better ones from the hardware store. I had some good ones already so I used those instead.