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      Curtain Ideas for Big Windows

      Curtain Ideas for Big Windows

      Most modern-day house designs will have large windows. It is getting very common and there are several reasons for that. Here are some of the advantages of having large windows in your house;

      • Large windows make your house look spacious
      • You can have indoor and outdoor living spaces with large windows
      • Your house will have adequate natural light due to large windows
      • The airflow inside your house will be great with large window

      Here are some curtain ideas for the big windows of your house that will elevate your home décor.

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      How to Clean Electric Curtains

      How to Clean Electric Curtains

      Now, when you are investing in something like an electric curtain, you want it to function for years. However, unless you clean these curtains and have regular maintenance, it will be very difficult to achieve a long life for your electric curtains.

      As you read the word maintenance, you will get a bit anxious because you might think maintaining electric curtains will be a headache like some other electronic appliance you are using. However, it is very easy to maintain smart blinds once you install them at home. So, let’s learn about cleaning your electric curtains now.

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      How To Choose And Install The Perfect Motorized Blinds For Your Sliding Glass Doors

      motorized blinds for sliding glass door

      Sliding glass doors are a beautiful feature to have in any home. They offer attractive access to the outside and don't intrude on the square footage around it.

      The view and natural light from glass doors, however, are sometimes not what you want to see all the time. Bare glass doors let it all in without a filter. A set of smart blinds that you can install, automate, and operate remotely provide many benefits that, when paired with sliding doors, maximize the appeal of this feature.


      Benefits Of Motorized Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

      Control Temperature With Blinds

      Insulate your home better with high-quality material that you control on your schedule or by smartphone app. In summer, this can bring down the hot temperature in your home. In winter, this helps to retain warmth and reduce heat loss, placing an insulation layer between the cold glass and the rest of your home.

      This saves on your cost of utility bills while also making the room your sliding doors are attached to more comfortable.

      Filter Light With Advanced Material

      Filter in light or use solar blinds to carefully control how much natural light the room receives.

      Allow sunlight to softly filter into your home rather than coming through without any filter and appearing too bright. A set of smart home motorized zebra blinds is a perfect fit for such a use. They add colored lighting, tailored to your decor aesthetic. If you want more light or less light, adjust the motorized blinds accordingly without having to leave your seat.

      Automate Your Motorized Blinds

      When paired with a schedule, you don't even need to be home or awake for your sliding door automated blinds to open/close. It's done for you, without you having to lift a finger. If you ever need to override the schedule, that’s also easy to do with the right controls.

      Motorized blinds are all about making life easier for you while adding impressive smart functionality to your sliding doors.

      Choose Your Style Of Blinds

      Motorized blinds for sliding glass doors add insulation, light control, and smart home automation to your interior but one of their biggest advantages is the unique number of styles, colors, and materials available.

      In choosing a set of window blinds for your sliding glass doors, you have many different styles and materials to choose from. By selecting the perfect automated electric blinds for your doors, you reflect your personality while enhancing the comfort and conveniences that come with smart window coverings.

      Whether you are dressing your entrance doors for purely aesthetic purposes, to control temperature and bring down the heat in summer, or for light filtering or blackout light control, the choice is yours on what look they take.

      Reflect your personal style with dozens of motorized blinds types, including roller shades and zebra blinds, from Go Smart Blinds.

      Factors To Consider When Choosing Motorized Blinds

      Some try to use curtains for sliding glass doors but by their design, motorized vertical blinds are better. Fabric panels that extend vertically and install with outside mounting cover the most area, and offer the best light control.

      When you buy motorized blinds, you have the option of choosing between inside or outside mounts. Which is better is often based on the customer’s preference. If you mount inside, however, you must ensure there is enough depth and that the door handles will not interfere with motorized blinds movement. In a lot of situations, installing smart blinds with outside mounting is the way to go for sliding doors as there are no depth issues or handles you have to take into account.

      It's key that your window blinds for the doors match the window dressings elsewhere in the room. If you have a very defined decor style already adorning your walls and windows, opting for the same ‘blinds style’ and color with the sliding doors is smart.

      As we mentioned earlier, if you want to block out light entirely, you can. The best option is solar shades which will make it so that you can still see outside and receive some light while also keeping some privacy.

      However, for most households, they want light filtering material or light filtering blinds to receive a portion of natural light still coming in. A set of motorized roller blinds in a material of your choosing does the job.

      Please note that, if you don't have sliding glass doors, or even if you do, if there is a handle of any kind, this can get in the way. The solution for this is outside mounting your window treatment so that they fit comfortably on the door.

      What If My Sliding Doors Have A Large Window?

      A last note that we will make is, for large windows, you may be considering installing two blinds side by side instead of a single panel.

      If your sliding door is over 100” in width, you may want to consider having two separate blinds side by side. This allows for more flexibility in adjusting open/closed positions for the 1/3 and 2/3 portions independently.

      The only real issue this presents is that two blinds next to each other will leave a light gap in the middle. If you’re looking for maximum light blockage, a single piece of fabric or window material may be better. Even if you have to lift up the whole blind if you want to open or close the window.

      Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install Motorized Blinds

      How to install motorized blinds on sliding glass doors is easy to do with a little time and a keen eye for placement.

      • Unbox your new motorized blinds and charge the plug-and-play smart blinds motor. There is no assembly required for the motor but it does require a charge.
      • Measure where your motorized blinds' brackets will sit. Ensure brackets are properly aligned and spaced out.
      • Install your brackets one by one.
      • If you have L-shaped brackets, the headrail should be inserted at an angle, hooked in, and pushed upwards before it snaps into place.
      • If you have a swivel bracket, raise the top of the blinds to the center of the bracket, turn the swivel to the left until it's flush with the blinds, and everything should lock into place.

      The last thing to do after you have installed motorized blinds on your sliding doors is to pair it with our  app, remote controls, and the smart controller.

      Pair your motorized blinds with the Neo Smart Blinds BLUE app if you don’t have a smart controller.

      If you are pairing it with a smart controller, download the Neo Smart Blinds app from your App Store. It should pair easily with your smart blinds and allow you to do things like customize favorite positions, make a schedule, check the battery level, and sync it up with voice control if you already have a voice assistant in the home.

      After your motorized blinds installation is fully complete and you have connected to a smart hub, integrated with your smart home system, it will be unbelievable all the things you can do.

      Smart home blinds automation makes it so that you never have to manually adjust your shades, blinds, or curtains again.


      Check In On Motorized Blinds At Go Smart Blinds For Your Sliding Glass Doors

      See the latest motorized blinds at Go Smart Blinds and find the perfect match for your sliding glass doors and interior window treatments. Coordinate the material and color to your home's natural personality. All of our smart blinds are durable enough to be used in high-traffic areas, are motorized, and can be automated to suit your schedule and lifestyle with ease. From vertical blinds to roller shades and other motorized window treatment options, find it all and in many different styles at Go Smart Blinds. Order with us today.

      How Do Motorized Blinds Revolutionize Temperature Control?

      How Do Motorized Blinds Revolutionize Temperature Control?
      Feeling the heat? Dive into our guide on motorized blinds, a game-changer for your summer comfort. Learn how these smart, energy-efficient solutions effortlessly merge with your existing home setup to offer superior temperature control. Explore Go Smart Blinds and welcome a cool, efficient summer in your home.

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      How Solar Shades Protect Your Interiors From Sun Damage

      motorized roller shades
      Learn how solar shades can shield your precious interior décor from damaging sun exposure. This article delves into the damaging effects of UV rays on your home's aesthetics, and how solar shades act as the perfect guard. Understand their numerous benefits such as UV protection, heat reduction, energy efficiency, anti-glare, and easy maintenance. Furthermore, discover how to choose the right solar shades based on openness, color, and the advantage of motorization. Preserve the beauty and longevity of your interiors with the right solar shades.

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