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      GO SMART Smart Home Automation Systems – The Future Is Today

      Here at Go Smart Blinds, we constantly strive to develop smart home technologies that will come to the aid of our customers by merging high-tech solutions with everyday life, transforming your home into a welcoming, user-friendly living space that’s centered around long-lasting performance and eco-friendliness.

      Why Choose Motorized Blinds?

      Your family’s comfort and well-being are always a priority for us, that’s why our blackout blinds help you build a user-friendly space that’s easy to control, easily blending in with your interior decor! 

      Superior Quality and Durable

      Sophisticatedly motorized blinds made with double layer high-quality breathable fabric. Its dual-panel design has alternating sheer and 3" solid fabric for your desired level of privacy and light filtration. Good UV Protection and nice durability all season long.


      Flexible Control

      The GO SMART zebra motorized shades provide multiple controlling methods, depending on your preferences. The rechargeable battery motor will last up to 4-6 months, with extra batteries available for purchase separately. The Neo smart controller is an optional accessory that allows you to integrate your blackout shades via wi-fi, with voice control compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa, Google Home Assistant and more. Otherwise, without the smart remote, the blinds operate in Bluetooth mode.

      Solar Panel Recharging

      Contributing to a healthier planet and minimizing climate change impact can be done with small everyday choices that have a long term positive effect. Our motorized window shades feature a solar panel that reduces power consumption and comes with mounting brackets and an extension cable, for adjustable positions.


      Transform your home into an energy-efficient, functional and comfortable living space with the GO SMART motorized blinds!