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      Customer Reviews

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      Simply Amazing

      I purchased 10 motorized zebra blinds for for the entire upper floor of our house. I’ll breakdown this review into 4 sections; packaging, installation, programming and overall thoughts and performance.

      Each shipping box was clearly labeled with which blind was inside the box and even indicated which box had the smart controller so you didn’t have to play scavengers hunt to find it. All boxes are labeled the same was as you order them. It’s important to use the labels on the website when ordering to name each blind and the Room you’re putting it in. This is particularly important if you have more than one blind per room as they will also include a remote for each room!

      I was and still am amazed how simple installation is. You get 2 or 3 brackets with each blind (depending on the size of the blind). You simply screw the bracket to the inside of the window frame and put the blind onto the bracket and lock it. It’s truly that simple.

      Programming seemed like a daunting task but again the app walks you through step-by-step instructions how to “add” each blind and creat “rooms”. Alexa integration is also very easy. All you have to do is Enable “Neo Smart Blinds” in the Alexa app and you’re set. You can tell Alexa to open and close blinds without having to set up anything in the Alexa app. Just say “Alexa, open Master Bedroom Blinds” - or whatever you name the blind in the Neo app - and Alexa does the rest. You can’t get Alexa to open the blinds to a certain percentage but you have that functionality in the app. The app has A LOT OF FEATURES and adjustments you can make to your blinds. Every blind has 2 favorite settings that’s in addition to Open/close and “stop” buttons. You can open the blind to any percentage or position you want and save as a favorite setting for future use.

      I purchased the new 4” Metallic Black Blackout and 3” light filtering silver blinds and I can tell you that the Black color in the 4” blackout style really does blackout the room. Our house faces south and we get a lot of sun. When you close the blinds, you can easily take a nap or watch a movie without worrying about sunlight.

      The motors are quiet enough and are not a bother. I’ll take them over manual blinds any day!

      They look great! The cassette is square and metal. Looks very modern.

      I’m really happy with the product, the ease of installation and the look!

      Btw, I did not mention customer service and I should. Cindy was amazing. She knows the product and can answer any question or address any concern you may have and believe me, you won’t have any concerns. Thank you Cindy!

      No I do not work for or have been paid for this review by GoSmart Blinds. Just feel the need to express the great product and service I received.